Temporary Seasonal Job Vacancies (1039)

Temporary Seasonal 1039: Duty Station Grants Pass Oregon

2020 SRC will host a rookie class of 3-6

Temp Hire Jobs Open September 16th 2019 and Close September 30th 2019 

Selections will be made in early 2020

TEMP GS- 4 (*This is a general suppression Announcement)

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TEMP GS- 5 (Helitack Announcement)

USA Jobs Announcement

Permanent Seasonal Job Vacancies (PSE)

Permanent Fire Hire: Jobs Open August 1st. Close August 28th 

-Apply for a job even if there are no vacancies currently on the crew. 

-If a position opens selections will be made in the fall of 2019.

-Earliest effective start date: 3/15/19  

Permanent GS-4/5 Senior Firefighters:13/13

There is one vacancy at this grade level. 

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Permanent GS-6/7 Squad Leaders: 18/8

There are no vacancies at this time. 

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Permanent Assistant Foreman GS- 7/8 PSE

There are no vacancies at this time. 

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Permanent Foreman GS- 9 PSE

There is currently 1 Vacancy. 

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The Selection Process:

Each season, the Siskiyou Rappel Crew seeks quality employees to fill crew member positions for duty as aerial delivered wildland firefighters. Before being considered for a position, applicants must meet these basic minimum requirements: be 18 years of age at time of hire, provide proof of U.S. Citizenship, have at least one season (3 months or more) of experience where their primary duty was as a wildland firefighter, and complete the Work Capacity Test (WCT) within the specified time for arduous duty. Qualifications beyond basic wildland firefighter, such as FFT1, ICT5, FAL1, EMT, etc., are not required but are highly desirable. Previous recreational rappel experience is not required nor is it advantageous.
Occasionally, one or more of the permanent positions on the crew become available. These positions are targeted for experienced helicopter crewmembers with a strong background in fire management and aviation.

Pay Scale:

Most crew members qualify as a GS-462-4 with an hourly wage of approximately $14.30. Overtime is paid for duty over 8 hours in a day at a rate of 1.5 times the base wage. For hazardous duty (which includes fire suppression activities, low level recon, and a variety of other helicopter related operations) employees are compensated an additional 25% of their base wage for all hours worked during that day. The Siskiyou Rappel Crew averages approximately 750 hours of overtime each fire season.

How To Apply:

All hiring is processed through the Federal Government's Official Job Website:

Job offers for temporary, detail and apprentice positions are typically made in January or February. Offers for permanent positions could occur at any time - check the 'Current Vacancies' section above.

If you have any questions regarding the job description, application process or web site, please feel free to contact us. 541-471-6891 
Due to the volume of applications you are also highly encouraged to stop by the base (map)